FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to questions we regularly receive from customers:

I am interested in a work that I can no longer find in the online shop or that is marked as “sold out”.
I saw it in the catalog raisonné on the artist's website or in an exhibition.
It happens from time to time that we have an artist's print (Edition Artist) or a copy from an exhibition in stock. Please contact us and we will ask if we can make it available: shop@nippoldt.de.
Occasionally we will also offer an artist's proof in the "Last copies" category.

Can I purchase digital prints or order custom artwork?

We do not offer digital prints of Robert Nippoldt's artwork. We cannot provide digital files for making digital prints. As a rule, Robert Nippoldt does not produce commissioned works.

Is it possible to pick up an order from the studio in Münster?

Unfortunately no, we don't have the capacity for regular sales from the studio. You can admire originals in current exhibitions, in galleries or on open studio days. (E.g. in the Wintergarten Berlin, Galerie Nettels in Münster, open studio day .)

How do I recognize an original drawing or print by Robert Nippoldt?

Every limited edition print and drawing you purchase from the shop is signed and comes with a signed and sealed certificate of authenticity. Prints from the mini editions are excluded. More information about the art can be found here .
Works that you purchase from external galleries are usually not accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Can I purchase the work framed in a picture frame and passe-partout in the shop?

Unfortunately no. Since secure shipping of glass frames is prohibitively expensive, we only offer unframed works in our online shop. And unfortunately we cannot offer passe-partouts.
Framing recommendations can be found here .

Can I get a personal dedication?

Yes. When ordering, please write the desired dedication in the “Special Ordering Instructions” field. A dedication can then be made on a separate postcard. Dedications cannot be written on the serigraphs and drawings.
Remember that Robert Nippoldt can only write dedications from his perspective. For example, it wouldn't work so well:
“Thank you for the time together. Your Aunt Lu.”
It would be better: “For Aunt Lu with kind regards from Robert Nippoldt”

Can I also purchase books, wall calendars or other products in the online shop?

Unfortunately no. We only offer prints and ink drawings by Robert Nippoldt for sale in this online shop.
You can get his books and objects in bookstores or online department stores, for example. The easiest way to get personal signatures from the artist is to come to one of his stage shows and speak to him after the show. There you can bring your previously purchased books/objects and have them signed live.
Or you can come to the open studio day every year at the beginning of November. Information can be found here .

Will the works arrive to me undamaged? How do you ship them?

We have been packing and shipping for over 15 years, with great care and sturdy packaging materials.
The prints are sent in kink-proof rolls or between two cardboard boxes with DHL. In exceptional cases we also ship via UPS.