About the art

Thank you for your interest in the art of Robert Nippoldt!
This section gives you a little insight into the different works of art and the themes associated with them. If you have any further questions, please contact us at: shop@nippoldt.de


All prints are original artworks by Robert Nippoldt and are personally signed by him. A print edition is a series of prints made in the same way and at the same time. The numbering follows established rules: For example, the number “13/100” indicates that it is the thirteenth printing of an edition of one hundred copies.
Outside of the official edition, there are some so-called Artist Proofs or Edition Artist. These are labeled “EA” (Edition Artist).


All screen prints, also known as serigraphs, are handmade in Münster. In this process, the color is printed through a stencil. Each color requires its own stencil, which consists of a permeable fabric stretched over a frame. Robert prepares the color separations, selects the colors and monitors the printing process. He personally dates, signs and numbers the prints.


Each drawing is a unique work of art created and signed by Robert. His preferred medium is ink on paper, in which the colors create different gradients depending on their purity and concentration.


All works of art we sell in our shop come with a certificate of authenticity. It is signed and sealed by Robert Nippoldt and contains the information about the artwork (title, technique, edition number, etc.) ensuring that it was created by Robert Nippoldt.
The exception is the series of non-limited screen-printed minis, which are delivered without a certificate.


Because secure shipping of glass frames and mounts is prohibitively expensive, we do not sell framed works. We have put together some basic framing recommendations for you. Here


The images you see in the online shop reflect the original as accurately as possible. Because natural pigments and paper cannot be accurately reproduced digitally, the original artworks (prints and drawings) may appear slightly different than in the digital preview. The most common feedback we receive from collectors is that the original art they receive appears richer and more nuanced than the digital preview suggests. The special colors gold, silver and bronze in particular are really shimmering and shiny in reality.


When you purchase a work of art, you become the owner of the physical work of art. The copyright remains with Robert Nippoldt. You may not reproduce the image without written consent from Robert Nippoldt.


For press inquiries and exhibitions, please contact studio manager Nora Franzmeier.